Company History

History of our chipping business began early 1970’s, when Pekka Lahti (Founder of LHM Hakkuri Ltd.) was chipping as a side-business of farming. He wasn’t pleased with the mobile chippers at that time. Thanks to his experience of chipping next to his farming fields, he felt the need to improve the technical features of the chipper. His interests in mechanical engineering did the rest: a more flexible and performant chipper was born. Over the years, chipper prototypes were manufactured in-house by Kotimaiset Energiat, the company that was founded in 1987 and carried out the chipping business. In 1994, the Evolution -model was developed. As a first truck with integrated drum chipper, it showed the path of future chipper development.
Excellent Evolution model was followed by the Future -model in 1996. In 1998 LHM Hakkuri Oy was founded to develop and manufacture a new model: the “Giant” was born in 1999 and the latest Giant”S”- model in 2009.

Future Chipper